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General Tax-Related Resources

  • 1099-NEC Filing Requirements – Learn the filing requirements for A 1099-NEC
  • 401-K Withdrawals – What you need to know about withdrawing from your 401 and how it will affect your income tax return. 
  • Cancellation of Debt – General rule for cancelled debts and what some of the exclusions are.
  • Do you owe the IRS? – Ways for you to pay your IRS tax debt.
  • Driving for Uber or Lyft?  Information for rideshare drivers and learn how to maximum your tax deductions.  
  • Electric Vehicle Tax Credit – Learn what vehicles qualify and how much of a credit you can get. 
  • Energy Efficient Home Improvement Credit – What improvements qualify and how much of a credit you can receive to lower your tax debt.
  • Identity Theft – What is identity theft and what to do if you have become a victim.
  • Independent Contractor VS Employee – Information needed to help you determine if a worker is an independent contractor or an employee.
  • Tax Benefits of Claiming Children – Information about the many tax credits that are available for qualifying children and how to determine if you qualify.
  • Tax Calendar – Important tax due dates for most small businesses
  • Record Retention Guide – Documentation that will help you know how long to retain income tax records and supporting documents. 
  • Residential Clean Energy Credit – Who and what qualifies for this credit as it is different than the energy efficient home improvement credit. 
  • Smartphone Apps for Recordkeeping – Applications that you can download to track your income, expenses and mileage for your business on a mobile device. 
  • Tax Consequences of Getting Married – How does that joyous day affect your upcoming tax return and changes you may want to make.

Resources for Businesses

  • Business Entity – Should you be a sole proprietor, or should you file for an LLC?  Learn the basics here. 
  • Checklist for Hiring Your Minor Child – Learn how to maximize your deductions and the rules to follow for hiring your minor child. 
  • Home Office Basics – Information on how to utilize your home office as a taxable deduction on your tax return.  
  • Legal Deductions Allowable for Your Business-An extensive list of deductions that some people do not think about that are legal deductions for you to take on your business tax return. 
  • New Small Business Guide – Information that will help you in starting and running your small business, including income and expense worksheets.
  • New LLC Guide – Learn what an LLC is and if you should choose to change your federal entity status.  
  • Qualified Business Income Deduction (QBI) – What is it and who can take this deduction.


These worksheets will help you organize all of your income and expenses and will streamline the filing your income tax return.

  • Beauty/Barber Income & Expense Worksheet
  • Business Income & Expense Worksheet
  • Construction Worker Income & Expense Worksheet
  • Day Care Income & Expense Worksheet
  • Farm Income & Expense Worksheet
  • Online Sales Income & Expense Worksheet
  • Truckers Income & Expense Worksheet