Meet Our Team


Terri Migliaccio

Tax Partner, Notary

Terri, a passionate and dedicated tax preparer and business owner, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in 1986, when she founded her own Income tax & Bookkeeping business. With over three decades of experience in the financial industry, Terri has honed her expertise and built a reputation for excellence in serving her clients. 

Terri’s roots run deep in Union City, where she has been a lifelong resident. When she’s not meticulously crunching numbers or leading community initiatives, you’ll likely find her on the golf course with her husband. An avid golfer, Terri enjoys the serenity of the green, where her precision and attention to detail shine through in her game. She’s a loving grandmother to two wonderful grandchildren and shares her life’s journey with her husband, Dale. Together, they’ve built a life filled with love, laughter, and shared dreams.

Terri’s commitment to detail and organizational prowess are not just her professional assets; they define her character. As a licensed Pennsylvania Notary Public and a Certified Income Tax Preparer, Terri’s dedication to her craft and her clients is unwavering. Terri’s story is one of entrepreneurship, community service, family bonds, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. She embodies the values of integrity, diligence, and dedication, making her a trusted and respected figure in both her business and her community.

Morgan Dyne

Tax Partner, Notary

Morgan Migliaccio, who is recently engaged, is a dedicated and accomplished individual, known not only as a loving mother to her children, Victoria, Kensi and Peyton, but also for her active involvement in her community and her successful career. Morgan works full time as an Income Tax Consultant and is enrolled full time at the University of Phoenix. Her attention to detail and professionalism were developed from her role as an Office Manager and Income Tax Preparer at Terri’s Tax and Notary, where she assists clients in navigating the complexities of tax preparation with ease. When she’s not immersed in her community and career, Morgan finds joy in her leisurely pursuits. She has a deep love for bowling, often spending her free time at the lanes, and she embraces her adventurous side through her love of travel, exploring new destinations. Morgan thrives on balancing her roles as a mother, community advocate, and professional, all while enjoying life’s simple pleasures and exciting adventures


Carmen Zimmerman

Office Manager

Carmen is a seasoned professional with a passion for efficiency and organizational excellence. As the Office Manager at Terri’s Tax & Notary, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of day-to-day activities.

With over a decade of experience in administrative roles, Carmen has honed her skills in office management, team coordination, and strategic planning. Her commitment to creating a positive and productive work environment is evident in her meticulous attention to detail and proactive approach to problem-solving.

Known for her exceptional organizational skills, Carmen oversees a wide range of responsibilities, including office logistics, budget management, and event coordination. She is the go-to person for streamlining processes, implementing innovative solutions, and fostering a collaborative work culture.

As the heartbeat of the office, Carmen exemplifies dedication, leadership, and a genuine passion for fostering a harmonious work environment.